A few of the key features include:
  • Substantial, finger-friendly settings overlayed on top of the album art.
  • While using some other apps, swipe through the bottom level in the screen to disclose the “mini-player”  allowing you to control your music, access your now playing list, playlists, and faves.
  • Notice as soon as brand-new tracks are usually combined with your devices (can become disabled).
  • Intuitive swipe navigation & gestures:
    • Swipe coming from bottom level for your Today Taking part in checklist and music settings.
    • Swipe from right for your music library, search, help, preferences, and aesthetic customizations.
    • Swipe coming from left regarding faves, playlists, and autolists.
    • Swipe right on a song in the Now Playing list to remove it. Swipe left to queue it to play next. (customizable)
    • Swipe right on a song in a playlist to remove it. Swipe left to move it to the top of the list. (customizable)
  • Auto-generated playlists available relying on ones being attentive practices.
  • 5 customizable quick shortcuts at the top of the Now Playing screen. Assign various functions to each one including Add to Playlist, Save bookmark, Lyrics, Share song, View YouTube video, and much more.
  • Your Today Taking part in tv screen have been optimized regarding 7″ & 8.9″/10″ tablets.
  • Many selection browsing window screens include various display & working alternatives.
  • Save bookmarks in a song & visual markers will appear on the scrubber bar. Tap prev/next to jump between bookmarks or use the “View Bookmarks” option to select a bookmark.
  • At any time you play any song, any take a note of is usually routinely ended up saving whenever you depart the song.
  • Get recording skill for almost any song or even recording. Decide upon several choices with various picture answers. Record skill is usually inserted directly in the music files.
  • Get lyrics and embed directly in the music document (or optionally spend less in an external wording file). Pinch/zoom the lyrics to improve the font dimensions. Karaoke element regarding saving yourself vocal range coupled.
  • Advanced playlist management which include drag/drop song re-ordering & multi-add setting. Whilst in multi-add setting, visit any tv screen inside the application and tap into songs/albums/artists/genres/composers to swiftly put those to the playlist.
  • In-app wikipedia browser available for albums, artists, genres, and composers.
  • Jellybean expandable notices with super-sized recording skill and music settings.
  • 5 music group equalizer with built-in presets, largemouth bass improve, and virtualizer.
  • Last. fm scrobbling with caching throughout world-wide-web blackouts (no external application required).
  • Stylish 4×1 & 4×2 home screen widgets with customizable color & opacity.
  • Various lock screen control options including basic controls (ICS+), advanced mini-player controls (ICS+), or the 4×2 widget (Android 4.2+).
  • Fine-tuned controls for quickly skipping backward & forward by 5/30/60 seconds. Long-tap the pause/play tap area to reveal (or hide) the controls.
  • And much, much more!!!
What’s New :
  1. (Enhancement) Add option as soon as accessing recording skill to modify seek boundaries. You may then enter any seek parameter to obtain the optimal recording skill.
  2. (Enhancement) In the event you’re possessing concerns finding lyrics for just a certain song, tap into the refresh press button (bottom-right corner) and you'll decide to transform seek boundaries.
  3. (Enhancement) By pass to another song as soon as tapping Following if throughout ‘repeat latest song’ setting. If the trail concludes by itself the song will probably replicate.
  4. Bug fixes
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